About Us

Ron Miller, Pharm.D. graduated from the University of Southern California School of Pharmacy in 1975 and began his career as a retail pharmacist. After filling prescriptions and counseling patients for 18 years he realized that there were patients who were not being helped by standard manufactured medications. Dr. Miller found out that the area of compounded medications could help these patients who needed alternate dosage therapy. After gaining more education in this field and meeting others in compounding arena, he decided to build a Compounding-Only pharmacy and help patients who could not get help from mainstream medicine.

This was the beginning of the Triad Compounding Pharmacy in 1996. Since then he has been able to work with both humans and their pets to obtain maximum health. Triad has grown into a family business. Brandon Miller, Licensed Pharmacy Technician, now works with his father and is very talented in the art of compounding. Also, members of the Reza family have worked in the pharmacy for many years alongside the Millers to help maintain quality medications.

Ron Miller is proud of the work that they all do and looks to the future for continued quality work. The Triad Compounding Pharmacy is continually upgrading its equipment and skills to serve the community.

The pharmacy compounding field has many facets. Dr. Miller has been become an expert in customized hormone replacement therapy, pain management, dermatology and has worked with many veterinarians across California and New Mexico in the treatment of dogs, cats and exotic pets.

Triad Compounding Pharmacy serves all of California and New Mexico. In California, Triad works with doctors and patients from Long Beach, the South Bay, Orange County and Los Angeles. Triad Compounding pharmacy is also licensed in Nevada, Illinois, Delaware, Colorado, Florida and Washington, and may ship to Pennsylvania and New York states.

Feel free to call Dr. Miller if you have any questions on specialized medications for you, your family or your family pet.